2. Complete Design Service

2. Complete Design Service


No time for experiments at home? Are you looking for a more intensive interior design service where most of the work is reserved for G&H? No problem! We offer a comprehensive design service that meets all your requirements, from inspiration to installation.


How it works:

Fill out our questionnaire / quiz

Send photos of your house or rooms

We will send you a quote

We will then contact you to arrange a 1-2 hour consultation for a fixed fee

We will take measurements

You will receive inspiration and mood-boards showing the visual direction, as well as some product choices, design ideas and space planning

If desired, we will shop to find the perfect pieces for you

And finally, we will install and decorate your home

Price: The design fee for our complete design service varies depending on your needs and size, but most start around 2200, - EUR. (basic fee, excluding furniture budget). Please think carefully about a realistic budget. Because the more clarity we have, the more accurately we can design the room of your dreams.

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