4. E-Design

4. E-Design Fusion



Our e-design is a great option for you if you live outside of Germany. All of our planning and style suggestions are made online, so you can get the perfect service as easy as a click of the mouse. Our service is as unique as you are, and we won't stop until we find exactly what you're looking for.

How it works:

Fill out our questionnaire and / or quiz

Provide us with photos of the rooms you would like to have designed

Submit room dimensions or floor plan

We send you a quote

We get to work

You will receive a mood board, room plan and, if required, a shopping list for furniture and products

Price: The design fee for our e-design service varies depending on your needs and size, but most start around 1200, - EUR. (basic fee, excluding furniture budget). Please think carefully about a realistic budget.  Because the more clarity we have, the more accurately we can design the space of your dreams.

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