Zebra Stripes meet Art Nouveau in Hamburg

Zebra Stripes meet Art Nouveau in Hamburg


My friend Cynthia, a very multitalented singer, model and comedian was about to move. So who better to ask but her fusion designer about incorporating a mix of inherited antiques and modern design furniture in her new studio apartment in the heart of Hamburg. 

Cynthia_Wohnung_MeineArbeitoptCynnieflat_vorherBefore: Lounge and bedroom


The apartment had a fairly large lounge area, a small bedroom, and an even smaller bathroom. She had inherited a few pieces from her grandmother. Beautiful coffee-house chairs, a chest of drawers and an art deco style mirror which she wanted to combine with her brand new contemporary sofa in pink in the lounge and in and neutral palette bedroom.



The pink sofa weas the perfect accent against the white walls of Cynthia's lounge and while we concentrated on the loung area at the back of the room against the wall, we shifted the focus of the music area where Cynthia taches her students to the front of the room. We put the bookcase at a slant in order to get away from a boxed in feel, which can occur in small spaces and which opens up the room. Her instruments were put on the one side of the room near sockets and direct sunlight, preventing unneccessary cabling and protecting the instruments. And seating for students was near the window where plenty of natural light would fall on the sheet music and where there was room enough to stand and sit, depending on the mood.

cynnieopt757c9910760740 The perfect pink sofa meets the perfect antique coffee-house chair


In the bedroom Cynthia wanted a calming influence and neutral colours in white, soft greys and beige.
We had a contemporary wardrobe and bed moved into the space and after a bit of shifting around we had the bed put near the window allowing for good light when reading and space around the bed for good access to the door opposite. The wardrobe was placed facing the door at the back of the room and because of the wardrobe's mirrored door, we made sure that its position enabled Cynthia to open the bedroom door and achieve a greater distance in which to look at herself in the mirror when trying on new outfits and shoes. The antique chest of drawers was placed facing the bed on the right of the room and we had a vintage mirror, which normally would be vertical, turned horizontal to stand along the length of the chest of drawers. And seeing as it faced the window, it was perfect for applying makeup in the morning.



 Grandma's antique chest of drawers, a vertical mirror turned horizontal and a little bit of green
cynnieopt_antikBeautiful closeup of the patina on the chest of drawers and a lovely little reminder of the sticker which Cynthia decorated her beloved piece with, as a little girl



 Reflections of old and new


In the kitchen we had accents of green and purple using accessories and flowers. We used mainly modern features and a large mirror was put against the wall above the table and two chairs in order to open up the space and reflect the sunlight coming in from the window opposite and making the kitchen even more inviting. 


Greenery and a large mirror opens up the small kitchen further and creates an extra cosiness


Cynnieapart_opt3Cynnieapart_opt15ac3f5afd4d84A vintage coffee house chair meets a pop of pink sofa and a country style cupbard from Cynthia's childhood next to modern white

Needless to say Cynthia loves her new home and hopes to expand her antique collection very soon. And I would be more than happy to help her !


Photos: Bianca Demsa


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