Striped Chic in Hamburg Eppendorf

Striped Children's Chic in Hamburg Eppendorf


Stylistin, model and Yummy-Mummy to two sons my client Silvia wanted a change and at the time baby number two was on the way.




Planned was a new style for her sons bedroom. He was 2 now so that meant a grown up bed and more storage for his ever growing toy collection. So we discussed a few ideas and Silvia wanted to get away from a typical boys room of dark blue and full of pirates. She had pieces of furniture which she wanted to keep in the room such as a gorgeous art deco wardrobe and an antique chest of drawers but wanted to incorporate new pieces such as a bunkbed, a little bench which could be used for bedtime reading as well as storage and a table with midcentury style chairs for drawing and play. 



Before: The wardrobe was next to the door on the left and the baby changing area behind the door.
Little or no storage available


     The cot (now for little brother) will be replaced by a bunkbed


So we decided on a palette of grey, white and pale blue and set to work. Sylvia liked the idea of nautical stripes and and wanted the bedroom to be a room where her toddler could grow into and not out of. We incorporated all the furniture by planning the room first (a small and slanted layout) and decided that we would move the wardrobe away from the door and on the right hand side of the space. This gave the room an immediate airy feel. We then placed the bunkbed near the door where the wardrobe had been because Sylvia explained that her son preferrd to sleep closer to the door and nearer his parents. This gave him a feeling of security. And we chose the bunkbed for two reasons. First that baby brother would eventually move in and that when there were sleep problems Sylvia or her husband could easily sleep on the top bunk.



 The wallpaper we chose from Zara Home




Nathalieopt_During                                 Getting to work




 Antique wardrobe meets mid-century style chairs. And not forgetting the essential toy shop


The sweet little reading bench with handmade seating cushion harmonises perfectly with the matching wallpaper, rug and picture frames in grey and white



 The wardrobe was shifted to the right of th room and the cute little midcentury style chairs were found in the UK. The Ikea side table was extended in height in order for the chairs to fit underneath comfortably and make room for a quickly growing boy



The bookcase was brought in from the parents room to house the ever increasing collection of books and the bunkbed is ideal for a sleeping parent or a little brother


Sylvia was thrilled with the end result and in such a small space we still managed to increase the storage space immensely with more than enough room to extend upwards and we incorporated both contemporary and antique pieces in perfect harmony.


Photos: Bianca Demsa

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