Sunshine Serenity: How to Infuse Your Home with the Vibrance of Yellow in a Timeless Blend of Old and New

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Sunshine Serenity
How to Infuse Your Home with the Vibrance of Yellow in a Timeless Blend of Old and New



Credit: Sanderson in coop with Damien Fox

As we welcome the warmth of spring, there’s no better time to embrace the fusion colour of the month – yellow. Symbolising joy, optimism, and creativity, yellow brings a radiant energy to any space. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, yellow is also known to have psychological effects, uplifting moods and promoting feelings of positivity and warmth.

But how do you seamlessly incorporate this vibrant hue into your home without overpowering the senses? In interior design, striking the perfect balance between vintage elegance and modern sophistication can transform any room into a timeless masterpiece.

From the sunlit hues of lemon to the pastel tones of eggshell, yellow offers a myriad of possibilities to breathe new life into our living spaces. So join us on a journey as we explore the art of blending old-world charm with contemporary flair, using yellow as our luminary inspiration.


Living Room:

Let’s begin our journey in the heart of the home – the living room. Here, we can juxtapose the classic allure of a vintage-inspired sofa upholstered in buttery yellow velvet with sleek, modern accents. Adorn the space with contemporary geometric rugs in shades of yellow and gray, complemented by metallic accents and abstract art pieces. Complete the look with throw pillows featuring playful patterns and textures, infusing the room with warmth and personality.


 Our amazing creative team Studio Aporia and a project using the amazing vintage  Arcadia Daffodil fabric
from Woodchip & Magnolia. Then toning it down with deep purple unicolour walls and mixed modern artwork

In the kitchen, where memories are made and meals are shared, yellow can take centre stage in unexpected ways. Consider incorporating retro-inspired appliances in cheerful shades of lemon or mustard, adding a pop of colour to your culinary haven. Pair these nostalgic accents with modern cabinetry in crisp white or sleek black, creating a captivating contemporary contrast that marries tradition with innovation. Enhance the ambiance with pendant lights in brass or gold finishes, casting a gentle glow over your culinary creations.



 Nature meets subtle yellow and contemporary blue with Hedera Wallpaper from Sanderson


As we retire to the sanctuary of the bedroom, yellow offers a serene and inviting palette for relaxation and rejuvenation. Opt for a statement headboard in a soft, muted shade of yellow, anchoring the space with understated elegance. Layer luxurious linens in varying shades of ivory and cream, accented by throw blankets and cushions in complementary tones of yellow and gold. Add depth and texture with a plush rug in a neutral hue, creating a cosy oasis that beckons you to unwind and recharge. Or be daring and add a bright pop of accent colour like this electric blue!


 The Whitby Hotel NYC from Kit Kemp Design


Enhance your bathroom with the vibrant energy of yellow from dawn till dusk. Easily transform the space by incorporating soft yellow walls or bold statement tiles. Balance vintage charm with modern flair using fixtures in brushed brass or polished chrome. Complete the look with plush towels in yellow and white stripes, evoking a serene spa vibe. Add natural tranquility with potted plants or bamboo accessories, while sleek sconces or pendant lights in matte black or gold provide a warm, inviting glow.


 Statement tiles and pops of green and red from Home Ec. / Photo by Easterday Creative

Incorporating yellow into your hallway interior design can significantly enhance the ambiance and functionality of the space. Yellow's bright and cheerful hue naturally draws attention and can brighten up even the darkest corridors, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like hallways. Strategically incorporating yellow into your hallway decor can stimulate mental activity and encourage creativity, creating an inspiring environment for both residents and guests. Whether applied as a wall colour to make a statement, infused through decorative accents such as rugs or artwork, for a subtle pop of colour, or integrated into furnishings for a cohesive look, incorporating yellow into your hallway design scheme can truly transform the space into a radiant and inviting passage in your home.




Two examples of hallway heaven. Combined with a cool greys Print Room Yellow from Kit & Co and mellow from top to bottom in an old rectory using Creami Colour from Edward Bulmer




In the realm of interior design, the fusion of old and new is where timeless beauty truly shines. By embracing the radiant warmth of yellow, you can breathe new life into your home while honouring its rich heritage. So, whether you’re reviving a vintage treasure or embracing modern minimalism, let yellow be your guiding light on the journey to creating a space that is as inviting as it is inspiring.


Ready to infuse your home with the sunshine glow of yellow? Start by exploring our curated collection of vintage furnishings and contemporary accents. From statement pieces to subtle accents, let your imagination soar as you embark on a journey to create a home that reflects your unique style and spirit. Embrace the beauty of old and new, and let the vibrant energy of yellow illuminate every corner of your living space.



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