Secret Project Finally Released

 Today is the day

I’m sharing all about the project I’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last six months. 



Here it is: I’m being published TODAY in book 3 of the Rising Sisterhood (Running around screaming and waving arms willdly)!!

When was the last time you felt in the dumps? I mean really feeling low, beaten down by challenges in your life? Even though it might not seem like it, we all go through these moments. It’s part of life. But how did you deal? How did you cope? Did you decide to rise?

I’ll be honest, deciding to rise wasn’t always an easy decision for me.

And I don’t think it was an easy decision for the other sixteen women who shared their stories in The Rising Sisterhood. We didn’t choose to rise because it was easy, we did it because we knew it was the only way to claim our power. 

So I know whatever you went through, whatever you’re going through, it’s not easy for you either, but it’s worth it. 

 One of the things that I’ve found is that the struggle and the suffering doesn’t have to define me. I choose what defines me. And I choose whether or not I suffer alone.

Like the Beatles say, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”  

This book means the world to me and the beautiful authors who have pioneered against all odds to create lives we LOVE!!

About the Book
Rise with Us: A Journey to Radical Acceptance and Unwavering Solidarity

The Rising Sisterhood book is brought to you by a collective of driven women from around the world who are revealing their personal journeys and their expertise to help you ignite your dreams and rise together to create massive momentum.

We are on a mission to create a movement of success for women globally so they can be celebrated, empowered, and decide to rise regardless of the circumstance. These pages reflect the intimate choices of ambitious women to rise above challenging situations and as a result live extraordinary lives. Join these BOLD Leaders & Women as they transparently share their courage and transformations of rising above our shared challenges within the Rising Sisterhood book.

This book is for all of the women who’ve decided to light a fire in their lives and step out into the spotlight. I found solace and inspiration from the other women who shared their stories in The Rising Sisterhood so I thought I’d share a little bit of my chapter 'Skin-Deep' with you today:



The exotic metal monstrosity was sitting in the middle of the tiled hallway. My inquisitive two-year-old self had already spotted it as my mother and I had arrived at my grandmother’s old farmhouse. That house was like meeting an old playmate; I just loved it. It was filled with endless secret passages, spooky corners, and the smell of smoked sausage wafting through the rafters. It was a child’s paradise.

The excitement bubbled up, and I simply had to see what was inside this foreign object. What secrets did it hold? I had begged my mother for a dog, and just maybe, a cute ball of puppy fluff would be inside, or was it hiding a magical fairy world? The possibilities were endless. Even if I looked the picture of innocence, I wasn’t one to ask for permission. My pigtailed head studied the area to find the nearest, tallest object a two-year-old could move. No luck; there wasn’t anything in sight. I reconsidered as I leaned against the steely okra metal pot. It was cool to the touch, yet it seemed to hiss in disgust at the audacity of a child trying to uncover its precious contents. Then I was thinking, “Wait a minute.” I had perfected my climbing skills on everything from trees, cows, cars, and my mother (when I avoided going to bed—which was often). So there was no logical reason that I couldn’t tackle this little hurdle. I mean, it was only slightly bigger than I was. Who needs a ladder? 

I lifted my little skinny legs, in their orange tights, and hoisted my nappied behind up until I was sitting comfortably on the solid lid, just as I had been taught to. With my legs dangling precariously over the edge of the large pot, I felt like an intrepid explorer on my latest adventure. I couldn’t wait to uncover the buried treasure underneath the protective covering.

And then the lid gave way. 


I hope that no matter what you’re going through, whether you’re singing with joy or barely able to get out of bed, that you find strength and inspiration in my story. 


Find the book here:
All proceeds will be donated to the charity Girl Talk - Leadership Defined.




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