How to make your interiors catwalk chic

How to Make your Interiors Catwalk Chic

Decorating with couture, oh yes!


fashion_interiors_redLove colour? That reflects in your home as well as your wardrobe


Be it vintage Chanel or Bauhaus that inspires you, it’s all about one thing. Design. And design is what we see, feel, touch and experience. From the landscapes we see to the literature we read, the food we eat, the destinations we travel to and the jobs we work at. We are influenced by everything around us and grow to know what we like, dislike, love or hate.

So it’s no wonder that when it comes to the clothes we wear and the interiors we choose to live in, that many of us have a style that we like to surround ourselves with. Be it minimal, vintage, bohemian, classic, modern or a mix. More often than not, what we love to wear is also what we love to live in.

Fashion_Interiors_ScarfFashion and Interiors go hand in hand, you cannot deny it

As soon as H&M brought out their interior inspired William Morris and GP & J Baker collections and countless fashion designers from Gucci to Hermes produced for the runway as well as the home, it’s obvious that fashion and interiors go hand in hand. Clothing is an art, interiors is an art. Art we wear to express ourselves and who we are or maybe want to become. Design inspires us in every way in our colour, pattern, material choices and styles and in how we decorate our self or our home. We take outfits and literally turn them into rooms and spaces, or vice versa.

Rooms and spaces that are as catwalk chic and stylish as you are. How it’s done? G&H will show you 8 tips how to use your fashion highlights to decorate your home sweet home and create an exquisite and creative ambience. Or how about using your interiors to create a fashion statement piece? Oh yes you can!

fashion_interiors_whiteCool and classic? We are influenced by what we love

8 Couture meets Interiors Decorating Tips:

1. A work of Art

A collection of beautiful bags and hats can be hung as wall displays. Their colour can compliment your room or be a bold statement piece.


hueteHats can be arranged in a wall display

2. Shoes, shoes, shoes

You don’t have to have a walk-in wardrobe to display your designer shoes. On a simple white shelf or under or next to a work of art, They  can look exceptional when you harmonise the colours and patterns.

schuhe_taschenBags and shoes can be turned into a work of art, literally!

3. Multitalent Scarf

Large scarves can be used as table cloths, framed as art work, tied on a table lamp or used to create layers in your room.

Scarf2Scarves can be used as tablecloths, lamp accessories and so much more

scarf_tableclothA simple scarf in a transparent fabric can create wonderful layers

4. Books as Hooks or Handbags

Old or worn out vintage books can be turned into handbags and book hooks. Just check out our favourites in the shop.

booktascheVintage books can be changed into something completely different. Like a handbag for example. Perfect for any occasion, including weddings!

handtaschebuchNow you don't see that every day!

5. Sparkling Displays

Favourite jewellery can be displayed in glass or plexiglass boxes, mirrors or necklaces hung on vintage hooks. Or what about on an antique bust?

jewellreyEven busts feel a bit naked now and again. Make her day by letting her wear your necklace

6. Too beautiful to Hide

Extra special pieces such as a precious silk kimono can be displayed on a pretty mannequin.

mannequinA mannequin allows you to see your favourite couture pieces every day

7. A spritzer of Glamour

Don’t hide those perfume bottles. Invest in a beautiful mirrored tray and arrange them in a well lit area of your bed or bathroom.

perfumeBeautiful boxes and mirrored trays can create a glamorous backdrop

8. Curtain or Cushion Chic

Dresses that don’t fit but you love the fabric? Use them to make cushions, window treatments or a patchwork blanket. Or those curtains that don’t match your interior? The fabric might be perfect for a new skirt or dress, or to reupholster that chair you have been meaning to work on.

curtain-sofa2Don't waste that fabric! It can used for window treatments, upholstery and new outfits!

The even better news? If you need a refresh, you can easily change your couture interiors by swapping or removing items and you have all the colours and textures to choose from. You can really experiment and go for it! What other ideas have you found on integrating fashion into your home ? Just leave a comment below and let me know. I would love to hear from you!

fashion_interiors_blueBeautiful objects are wasting their time in your cupboard or wardrobe. It's time to show them off!

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All photos from Unsplash, Bagsy Me First, Sassy Designer, Caitlin Wilson, Werner Gritzbach.

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