Sunshine Kitchen and Blue Hue Lounge in Hamburg

Sunshine Kitchen and Blue Hue Lounge in Hamburg


There are many reasons for interior decoration, a new style a new apartment, a need for a change or just plain boredom but a water leak is not the most common or nicest one. But when I had a client call me about an emergency project I was intrigued.

Before: The three room apartment filled with midcentury pieces and modern furniture needed an airier feel

The kitchen had to be completely gutted due to the water damage and we had to start from scratch.
The kitchen had been enclosed with a wall and we decided to knock it down in order to make the room
plan and give the main room more light and space. A shelf which was also stood directly at the glass door and blocking the natural daylight was also removed.

We reomoved a bulky sofa which blocked the main entrance and replaced it with a bench, the existing table and chairs and moved them over to the middle of the room. We added shelving in the form of stainless steel shelves and had a brand new Ikea kitchen cupboards fitted in white and yellow which matched with the exisitng vintage seventies which were still in tact. We then had an air vent fitted and beautiful handmade oak flooring as well as bamboo worktops fitted by our G&H carpenter.


As far as the wall colour was concerned, my client wanted to go all out and instead of the plain walls we decided on three different colours. A metallic copper in the hallway, which gave you a bling every time you stepped in and was accentuated by a lovely copper lamp. Then a fresh grey in the kitchen which complemented the yellow and white kitchen and in the lounge area we had an ice blue, which was far less cold that it sounds.



 We shifted the sofa nearer the window and brought in larger pieces of storage furniture to compensate for the many smaller pieces and limit the cluttered feel



 The kitchen was a combination of yellow vintage seventies cupboards and new Ikea storage in white


In the end we had an open plan kitchen and lounge which gave the apartment an immediate airy feel and combined all of the midcentury accessories and furniture with modern pieces. We increased the natural light by taking a way blocking shelving and dark curtains and replaced it with neutral textiles, walls in a fresh palette and storing away the clutter. It felt like a whole new apartment and later on we even allowed for a coral wall near the bathroom and a dark blue bedroom. A magnitude of colours but still completely balanced. 


Photos: Andreea Dräger



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  • Great Work

    Working with Bianca from Grace & Holmes was a real pleasure.

    Afterward EVERYBODY was make compliments about our apartment.. the color, the space was much larger, the feeling so fresh and cozy. Exactly how we feel about it too.

    We are very happy.