Girly Pink meets Antique Patina

Girly Pink meets Antique Patina



My friend Angela was in a jam. A pink jam!  Her daughter wanted to have a very girly bedroom in pinky hues but whilst storage was a must and that was mostly modern and white, Angela wanted to incorporate some antique furmiture into the room in order to create a style mix and teach her daughter the difference



between old and new furniture in a fun and educational way. Because it was important for her daughter to pick her outfits in the morning, we decided on a little art deco cupboard, small enough for her to reach her favourite clothes but sturdy enough to hold a number of other items and stay put in a room of boystrous children!

The result was a bedroom fit for a stylish princess with all the modern storage space available but with an antique twist. 

Photos: Bianca Demsa

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