Stunning Venetian Mirror

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'The mirror is the worst judge of true beaut y' ― Sophia Nam The look of... mehr
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'The mirror is the worst judge of true beaut
y' Sophia Nam

The look of this mirror alone wants me to hop on to a Gondel and be sung to through the labyrinth of canals in Venice! This miror is more than a classic it is about the histiry of beauty and can be teamed with anything in your home from simple country house style to minimalistic chic. This mirror is a true chameleon and gives light and space to any room, however large or small. This mirror has
shaped and engraved border mirror glass and is surmounted by a mirrored naturalistic crest.

Ps. Did you know t
he Venetian mirror was born on the tiny Italian island of Murano in Venice in the 15th century. Venetian mirrors were painstakingly produced and creating one was a highly involved process. Upon completion, Venetian mirrors were considered to be masterpieces of art; the beauty of Venetian mirrors surpassed the expectations of what a mirror should be. Even with the arrival of the 16th century, Venetian mirrors were rarities, and the majority of them were custom made for royalty and nobles with voracious appetites for collecting Venetian mirrors. 

The popularity of Venetian mirrors evolved into cultism; Venetian mirrors were highly sought after collectibles. Two kings of this period, King Hendry VIII of England and King Francis I of France, were recognized for their fanatical collecting of Venetian mirrors. French nobility, forever attempting to stay abreast with the collections of royalty, thought of money as no object when the opportunity to acquire a Venetian mirror presented itself. The cost of these Venetian mirrors, in some instances known to exceed the cost of a significant number of human lives, was extreme. By ways of gentler comparison, a work of art painted by Rafael was a less expensive choice than one Venetian mirror of the same size.

During the late 16th century, true to the style known as high fusion, the French queen Marie De Medici fancied a mirrored office for herself. For this project, 119 custom Venetian mirrors shipped directly from the island of Murano. Perhaps as a token of appreciation for the magnitude of her purchase, Venetian masters presented the queen of France with a breathtaking gift: a magnificent Venetian mirror encrusted with precious stones. This extravagant Venetian mirror is preserved and kept in the Louvre in Paris, where it may be viewed today. (Source:



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