Industrial Stool Oak and Iron

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'For the best part of my childhood I visited the local library three or four times a week,... mehr
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'For the best part of my childhood I visited the local library three or four times a week, hunching in the stacks on a foam rubber stool and devouring children's fiction, classics, salacious thrillers, horror and sci-fi, books about cinema and origami and natural history, to the point where my parents encouraged me to read a little less. ' –David Nicholls

For me, the stool is one of the most practical pieces of furniture there is. It ticks all the boxes, small, can be hidden if need be, but also put on full display. I have a number of these at home and whilst the folding versions are even more pracitcal, I have one that serves as a display for my prized vintage magazines. If I get that unexpected guest within seconds I have a good reason to show off my stool in all its glory. And afterwards, neatly stow it back into its place or in my case back as my magazine display. Ideal for every occasion. I have seen these as plant stands, bedside tables, entryway seat, couch or coffee tables, side tables, helpers for hard to reach places...Shall I go on?

Material: Oak and Iron
Style: 19th century
Size: Circ. 32cm x H53cm x D32cm




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